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Join BrainBadge, unlock the potential of your teams and build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.


Our membership provides a structured pathway for organizations dedicated to nurturing neurodiversity and cultivating a culture of inclusion through collaborative learning.

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Practice Levels:

Learn with us.

Cultivate a neuroinclusive workplace and develop your learning culture.


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Create a learning practice environment.

This level involves building awareness, developing a neuroinclusion strategy, and implementing inclusive policies and procedures.

This foundational emphasis ensures that your team and organization is equipped with the right conditions and understanding for the neuroinclusion journey ahead.


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Agile Learning

Establish your learning practice.

This level involves developing an agile improvement practice, enabling teams and your organization to adapt and enhance practices in recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing employee engagement to enhance neuroinclusion.

Your team develops their skills to identify and prioritize current systems for improvement, actively develop, plan, and agilely test enhancements while measuring and reflecting on progress.


Responsive Learning

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Broaden your learning practice.

This level involves developing more neuroinclusive customer experiences, 

enabling teams and your organization to develop stronger connections with diverse audiences, enhance customer satisfaction, and create a positive brand image.


Your organization develops your reputation as an inclusive and responsive entity, setting new industry standards, and contributing to a more neuroinclusive society.

Learning that looks like this.

Brain Badge Level 1 Certification Image
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Collaboration that feels like this.

Membership Benefits:

Continuous Learning Resources

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Access our continually updated, neuroinclusive learning resources to empower your teams in achieving neuroinclusive practices.

Employer of Choice Status

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Be Recognised as an employer of choice for neurodivergent talent.

Attract and retain diverse and skilled professionals. 

Structured Neuroinclusion Pathway

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Follow a structured pathway to enhance your organization's neuroinclusion journey.

Community Collaboration:

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Connect with like-minded organizations and share insights through our collaborative community.

Exclusive Updates:

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Stay informed about the latest neuroinclusion trends, research, and BrainBadge developments.

Exmotionally Engaged learners:

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Develop a learning culture that fosters emotional engagement, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your learning and development initiatives.

Agile Responsive Organization:

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Cultivate a more agile and responsive organizational culture, better positioning your teams to respond adeptly to the ever-evolving challenges of our dynamic world, increasingly complex world.

Membership Price:

$2500 annually

Join BrainBadge Membership Today:

Empower your organization to embrace neurodiversity, foster an inclusive workplace, and become a leader in neuroinclusion. 

Facilitation Options

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Our facilitation options are designed to adapt to your organization's unique needs. Our flexible model offers different formats tailored to align with your learning needs.​​​


Select the facilitation format that aligns with your preferences and learning needs.


Customise your experience to fit seamlessly into your unique context.

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Navigate through our self-serve resources at your own pace.

Access self-support options like FAQs, forums, and support for an autonomous learning journey.

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Online Facilitated

Experience workshops guided by skilled facilitators.

Enjoy the flexibility of online learning with the guidance of expert facilitators.

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Face 2 Face

Immerse yourself in highly effective face-to-face learning.

Benefit from in-person interactions with facilitators and peers.

Train the Trainer Icon

Train the Trainer

Develop internal expertise by training your team to facilitate sessions.

Empower your organization to deliver effective facilitation independently.

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