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Inclusive Learning:

Conventional approaches to learning and working miss out on untapped potential, neglecting different thinking styles. Schools, businesses, and training establishments are all losing out by not embracing inclusivity.

At BrainBadge, we unlock learning experiences that fuel and nurture the brilliance of collaboration and diverse cognition.

We are a team of neurodiverse education professionals who have put our brains together to bring a 'what if' into a 'now'. We are on a mission to transform how learning happens, how creativity is unlocked and how collaboration can harness multiple ways of thinking and being.

We are flipping the script on traditional learning. Our programs are not cookie cutter, they are out of the box, visual, hands on, inclusive and engaging.

Our mission is to create a place where your uniqueness is not just accepted but celebrated.


Join us, and let's shape a world where everyone can learn collaboratively and be celebrated for their distinct way of thinking.

Writing on the Board

Why Neuroinclusion?

Understanding and valuing cognitive diversity, or 'Neurodivergence,' is at the core of BrainBadge. Embracing neuroinclusion means recognizing that our natural way of problem-solving relies on diverse thinking styles. Creating a neuroinclusive organization honors our inherent cognitive diversity, making it more resilient and responsive. Neuroinclusive organizations are better equipped to navigate uncertainty, using the strength of diverse minds for innovative and effective solutions.

How Neuroinclusion Empowers:

Enhanced Problem-Solving

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Neuroinclusion brings together a continuum of cognitive strengths and thinking styles. This diversity results in a richer pool of ideas, leading to more robust and effective problem-solving.

Agility and Responsiveness

Agile Icon

A neuroinclusive environment is naturally adaptive. It allows organizations to respond swiftly to changing circumstances, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities with agility.

Innovation Catalyst

Innovation Icon

Neurodivergent thinkers often approach problem-solving from unconventional angles. This fresh perspective becomes a catalyst for innovation, driving continuous improvement and creativity within the organization.

Employee Engagement

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Cultivating a neuroinclusive culture demonstrates a commitment to recognizing and valuing every individual's unique strengths. This inclusivity enhances employee engagement, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.

Diverse Talent Attraction:

Talent Icon

Organizations that embrace neuroinclusion become magnets for diverse talent. This broad spectrum of skills and perspectives creates a dynamic and vibrant workplace culture.

In essence, neuroinclusion is not just about meeting a societal expectation; it's a strategic move toward building a more innovative, agile, and responsive organization, where every individual is empowered to contribute their best.

Why BrainBadge?

We integrate neuroinclusion principles into all our learning. Our aim is to create an environment that nurtures diverse thinking styles. Join us in embracing neuroinclusion to turn your organization into a hub of innovation and adaptability.

BrainBadge is not your typical training solution.
Inclusive Icon
Neuroinclusive Lens

Tested and designed by neurodiverse experts.

By incorporating diverse perspectives, we ensure that our learning experiences cater to different thinking styles, fostering an inclusive and enriching educational environment.

Pull Icon
Pull Learning

Engaging experiences focused on individual organization's needs.

This personalized approach ensures that learners are not just passive recipients but active participants, pulling in knowledge at their own pace and preference.

World Icon
Experiential Learning

Real-world problem-solving with expert guidance.

This approach emphasizes real world application over rote learning, creating a foundation for practical problem-solving skills.

Visual Icon
Visual Learning Environment

Visual thinking to improve communication and understanding.

Learn in a dynamic, visual space that encourages collaboration at your own pace, connecting theoretical knowledge to practical applications, all while keeping it straightforward and effective.

Hybrid Icon
Flexible Delivery

Mix and match options to meet your learning needs.

Choose how you learn—online, online facilitated or face to face. Our flexible model adapts to your preferences, ensuring a continuous and adaptable learning journey that suits your needs.

Learning Icon
Constructionist Pedagogy

Learning through making, building resilience as agile learners.

Actively construct knowledge, building resilience as agile learners in an engaging and participatory learning environment.

Co-Design Icon
Co-design Methodology

Tailoring experiences in collaboration with learners.

Your input shapes the way we design our learning, ensuring it's not just about teaching but a reciprocal process where we learn from you to enhance our educational approach.

Immersive Icon
Emotional Engagement Icon
Emotional Engagement

Experience engaging and enriched learning.

Go beyond traditional gamification. Our focus on emotionally engaging experiences ensures a meaningful and connected learning journey that goes beyond mere participation.

Pedagogy Pie Icon

At BrainBadge, we're expert 'pie makers'. We blend constructivist, and constructionist learning to create the "Pedagogy Pie." Our neuroinclusive lens ensures learners are equipped to problem-solve in complex domains, fostering motivation, involvement, and ownership of their learning journey.

Our Approach:

For-Purpose Educational Impact:

BrainBadge started with a goal to cherish neurodiversity. Our big, achievable goal is to transform education, empowering all learners to experience real learning and become agile problem-solvers at an affordable price. We extend our impact by providing BrainBadge for free to schools, meaning your work with BrainBadge goes beyond transforming your organization. It contributes to the larger mission of making learning more neuroinclusive in schools, fostering a positive impact on the educational landscape.

Impact Icon
  • BrainBadge transforms organisations through engaging learning.

  • All "profit" Fuels BrainBadge for Education.

  • BrainBadge delivered to Schools at no cost.

Membership and Facilitation Packages:

Embark on a transformative journey with BrainBadge, unlocking access to neuroinclusive learning resources. Additionally, explore our facilitation packages, designed to enhance your organizational learning.


Join BrainBadge in revolutionizing corporate learning—where innovation meets inclusivity.

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