The final frontier of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace
Business Case

Whoever holds the talent, holds the future

Brain Badge Certification demonstrates an organisation's deep understanding of the need to think in a whole new way to scale for success.
Impact goes beyond Diversity and Inclusion; it enables business to effectively address post-pandemic challenges:

Attracting and retaining valuable employees​

Boosting innovation and productivity

Increasing psychological safety & workplace EQ

Meeting governance & regulatory compliance


Companies globally are reporting talent shortages - the highest in over a decade. - Forbes, 2022


ROI for organisations who have invested in mental wellbeing initiatives in their workplace. - Deloitte (UK), 2022

The world needs a neurodiverse workforce to help try and solve some of the big problems of our time.

Richard Branson, founder of VIRGIN Group
Our approach to certification

Same, but different...

We work with your people to impact your workplace. Co-creating certification with our founding partners revealed that rolling out initiatives results in compliance; whereas rolling up results in authentic engagement.
Change originates where culture lives - with your people.

Our Principles of certification

Engagement, not compliance

Our Principles address the challenges organisations face when engaging in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives; resourcing, organisational engagement and longevity.


Fine-tuned delivery makes maximum use of limited time.


People rally for a purpose they care about.


When impact is profound, people ensure it lasts.

Our certification Process

5 Phases at a Glance

Certification is a journey, not a pre-determined process. Badges represent your organisation's progress, and are awarded based on considered evaluation and planning, not just for completing a task.

Governance and Health & Safety
Recruitment & Onboarding
Ways of Working
External Stakeholders
Iteration & Longevity
Certification support

Ensuring success

Collaboration with our founding partners uncovered organisational capacity as an obstacle in delivering certification. To keep lean and meaningful, we have co-created a suite of support.

Kickstarter Training

Our Brain Badge Associate Programme: a foundational design sprint to spark inspiration, experience difference and accelerate certification.

Resource Centre

Certification outputs are shared. Leverage the learnings of orgs gone before you, and pay it forward to those coming after.

Business Community

Collaborate with other Brain Badge businesses; sharing insights, joining discussions and framing new design sprints. Together.


A word from our allies

"There's no doubt that all our businesses need to get better educated and improve our support of our existing neurodiverse employees; and that we need to be able to attract and accommodate this talent if our businesses are looking to scale and grow in a post-COVID, complex world."

Antony Hall
Auckland Transport

"We have partnered with Brain Badge to Recognise and mentor our diverse thinkers at The Warehouse Group, to help them bring their whole selves to work and gain the network and skills needed to drive human-centred design and innovation in the workplace."

Richard Parker
The warehouse group
Who we are

The Brain Badge Story

Brain Badge is quite literally the brainchild of a diverse group of New Zealand creatives, neurodivergents, academics, educators and businesspeople (sometimes all in one!) who have had enough with the status quo for people with different brains; and who decided to do something about it - for our children, our partners, our siblings and ourselves.

Enquiry and research was progressing before COVID, but this massive disruption presented the opportunity for rapid ideation and development: people began to evaluate their work/life balance and what was important to them, while business was violently confronted with its vulnerabilities. 

Purpose and change, the perfect environment for advancing Diversity and Inclusion.

The New Zealand Story

He aha te mea nui o te ao? 
He tāngata he tāngata he tāngata! - Maori Proverb
What is the most important thing in the world?
It is people it is people it is people!

When it comes to people, New Zealand is a country of firsts
First to grant women the right to vote
First to have three women in power simultaneously
First to introduce the 8-hour working day
First openly transgender MP

We would like to continue the legacy of leading with humanity, empathy, kindness and inclusion; and we would like to add:

First Neurodiversity for Business Certification
First collaboration and co-creation by businesses for HR innovation

What a glorious business story

While the rest of the world fought a pandemic, New Zealand doubled down and did what it does best; designed a better, different way of doing things. 

Let’s do beautiful business together. 

Our People

Behind Brain Badge

Kate Bruce
BA Hons, PGCert - HPDE

Part babel fish, Kate contextualises complexity. A career in the Arts provides daily proof of the unequivocal success of innovative, neurodiverse teams collaborating for a purpose greater than themselves, in an environment where difference is the point.

Sarah Codling
BProp / LLB (conj)

With diverse experience in sales, law and growth hacking tech start ups, Sarah leverages her neurodiversity to heighten her ability to articulate strategy, product ownership and customer experience.

Rich Rowley
LLB, Ldip, MSc, PGCE

Rich has fused his educational, academic and innovative skills to focus on releasing the untapped potential of neurodiversity and the vital part it plays in cognitive diversity and in the evolution of business and education

Gresham Bradley
Michelle Ballard
BA (Hons), MASc
Gavin Wake
GDiped, MEd (AppLrng)
Amanda Hall
Shaun Gear
Sasha Kljakovic
How it works

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