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Gavin Wake

GDiped, MEd (AppLrng)


Gavin is an innovative secondary school Principal and teacher who has been working with disengaged students for over 15 years.

Previous roles include watersports instructor at Camp America and lecturer to pre service teachers at Deakin University. It has been through these varied experiences that he realized the difficulties that some young people face in their daily experience of a linear and structured education system. As a direct result of seeing a need for change, he pursued a full-time career as an educator.

Gavin is an innovator in the area of education and believes that without meaningful engagement, learning cannot happen.

As a proud member of the neurodiverse community who was failed by the education system, he is a product of his own creation and the vision that a few special humans saw in him and encouraged to grow.

Gavin’s purpose is to help others find their way and keep The Observatory on the path that we all intend it to follow while allowing growth and new ideas to flourish through his own integrity and personal commitment to the neurodiverse community.

Gavin Wake