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Exclusive Learning Resources

Discover a World of Learning and Innovation

We're in the process of developing our members' portal, where you'll enjoy exclusive access to an array of learning resources like these examples. As a Brainbadge Member, you'll be among the first to benefit from this exciting initiative as we work towards creating an inclusive and innovative workplace.

What's Inside?

1. Cognitive Experience Design Course: Dive into our comprehensive course that explores the principles and strategies behind creating inclusive and engaging experiences for all cognitive profiles. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to design environments that foster innovation and growth.

2. Beyond the Box Innovation Workshops: Join our interactive workshops that challenge conventional thinking and spark creativity. These sessions are designed to encourage diverse perspectives, problem-solving, and idea generation, ultimately leading to breakthrough innovations.

Exclusively for Brainbadge Members

These invaluable resources are exclusively available to Brainbadge Members, a community of forward-thinkers who understand the power of cognitive diversity and neuroinclusion. By accessing these training materials and workshops, you are taking a significant step toward shaping a workplace where every mind thrives.

Empower yourself with knowledge and tools that will drive your organization's success. Start exploring the members-only training and resources now and embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and inclusivity.

"If you have had the opportunity to witness Rich Rowley operating and facilitating corporate innovation workshops, you'll have an idea of the life-changing professional development that he inspires. If you haven't, I personally endorse his ability to scale engagement and genuinely amplify mindset change.”
Anthony Hall
Head of People Transformation ASB Bank
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