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Neuroinclusion Certification Program

Elevate Your Organization's Neuroinclusion Efforts

Unlock the Power of Cognitive Diversity

Welcome to our Neuroinclusion Certification Program, an exclusive opportunity available only to Brainbadge Members. This program is designed to empower you and your organization to become champions of neuroinclusion, fostering a workplace where every mind thrives.

Exclusively for Brainbadge Members

This certification program is an exclusive benefit for Brainbadge Members, a community of forward-thinkers who understand the transformative potential of cognitive diversity.

Join Us in Fostering Neuroinclusion

Enroll in our Neuroinclusion Certification Program today and embark on a journey to elevate your organization's neuroinclusion efforts. Together, we'll create a workplace where every mind is celebrated, valued, and empowered to reach its full potential.

Join us in fostering a more inclusive and innovative future. Your commitment to neuroinclusion can make a lasting impact.

"If you have had the opportunity to witness Rich Rowley operating and facilitating corporate innovation workshops, you'll have an idea of the life-changing professional development that he inspires. If you haven't, I personally endorse his ability to scale engagement and genuinely amplify mindset change.”
Anthony Hall
Head of People Transformation ASB Bank
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